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e’dyn 1120

Outboard motor 11kW with 2400 RPM 48V

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1120 utboard, water cooled, electric trim, 2400 RPM, 48V

* Available in 2021/2022
The Price List has been valid since March 2021. Prices on request.
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Product description

The luxury of being able to move almost silently is the most beautiful experience of navigating with an electrically powered boat. Whole chapters in the literature for the shipbuilding industry are devoted to noise reduction in the powertrain. The electric system with this uniform rotation has a low noise and vibration level.

The future drive technology belongs to the electric motor. Besides the higher efficiency of an electric motor compared to a gasoline engine, the electric motor scores with its zero emissions. An additional advantage is that, in comparison to the gasoline engine, the electric motor is simpler in its structure, and that results in a reduced amount of worn parts.

The outboard motor e’dyn 11 20 Outboard is the flagship of all our products. It was designed mainly to offer a very reliable solution in the field of Electric Propulsion Systems in Nautics. The motor is very light in comparison to other motors within this range.

Immediately available torque.

Low weight of the motor compared to other motors in this field.

Range up to 50 km.

Electric trim.

Three different Shaft types – S, L, XL.

Output shaft enables the usage of a standard propeller.

Including LCD monochrome 128×64 display.

Complete waterproof (IP67).

Rated voltage48 V
Rated power11 kW
RPM on output shaft2400 RPM
System efficiency>90 %
Nominal current consumption (peak)220 A
Weight45 kg
Dimensions670 x 405 x 1151 mm
Propeler shaftStandard
Suitable bateriesLi-Ion or Lead acid