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100160-IN e’dyn Lithium battery

Shaft motor PMSM 100kW with 3300 RPM 360V

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Shaft motor PMSM 50kW with 3300 RPM
(rotation per minute)

Motor temperature sensor cable (2-pole) / Retaining feet (4pc) / Water pump / Axle flange (2pc) / Shaft flange (1pc) / Hose 1⁄2“ Ø14mm (4m) / Hose clips (6pc)

* Available in 2021/2022
The Price List has been valid since March 2021. Prices on request.
The purchase of a motor is only possible by purchasing a system.
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Product description

The Power motor range represents internal motors with power from 10kW to 150kW. We can also make a motor up to 1700kW to order. We adapted the batteries to the Power series. They provide long operating autonomy with their minimal weight and high power.

Rated voltage360V
Rated power100 kW
RPM on output shaft3300
System efficiency 92%
Rated current (A)251A
Weight126 kg
Dimensions580 x 452 x 436
Propeler shaftStandard
Suitable bateriesLi-Ion