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0204 POD e’dyn Acid

Submersible motor 1.6kW – 24V – shaft power 1200 RPM

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Flange-mounted motor 1.6kW with 1200 RPM and PVC adapter for hull adaptation
Folding propeller (2-blade)
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* Available in 2021/2022
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Product description

The Sail series engines are designed for sailors who enjoy the silence and fluttering of the flag in the wind. Their movement is ecological and inaudible, as if driven solely by the wind. The Sail series is available from 1.6 kW to 10 kW in the Submersuble version.

We adapted the batteries to the Sail series. They provide long operating autonomy with their minimal weight and high power.

Rated voltage24V
Rated power1,6 kW
RPM on output shaft1200
System efficiency 85%
Rated current (A)92A
Weight18 kg
Dimensions120 x 260 x 550
Propeler shaftFlansch propeller
Suitable bateriesLi-Ion or Lead acid