House fair in May

Dear business partner,

We are pleased to present a completely new catalog of e’dyn 2021 electric drive systems.

For the year 2021, we have prepared a new product range called Free Time, which by its name already says that:

  • it is intended for spending free time
  • it is small and useful
  • it is suitable for every trunk of a car
  • it is ecologically and usefully oriented

In short, it allows you to enjoy your free time simply, economically and fast in a recognizable e’dyn design.

We have further strengthened our flagship e’dyn 1120 and increased its power to as much as 20-25kW, just as the 2035 model represents our most powerful outboard motor in the e’dyn group of electric drives. E´dyn quality brings new drives with improved color displays which offer a wide range of different options.

We offer you a well established Heavy Duty series, which is with its Sail and POD e’dyn electric drives designed for sailors. In addition, we have expanded the range of internal e’dyn electric drives, which will cheer up even the most demanding user.

We have placed great emphasis on even more powerful and lighter battery packs in 2021/22, which contributes to greater autonomy and easier installation in your vessels.

In the attachment you can check our new 2021 catalog with the latest novelties; in any case, a mutual cooperation is in our interest.

In accordance with the 2021 catalog, we have also adjusted our sales price list with the new sales conditions, which can be sent to you at your request.

In May, we will be organizing the HOUSE FAIR in Slovenia, so we ask you for information on the number of people who would like to attend. We will introduce our company, enable you to test drive, chat with you and make plans to achieve common goals.

We are eager to receive your feedback.

The e’dyn team