The e’dyn brand creates innovative and complite technical solutions for electric drives in the field of nautical industry. Through constant innovation and analysis, it enables and produces top-quality finished products under its own brand, which are distinguished by their reliability, quality, strength, durability and top-quality appearance.



The Monaco Yacht Club is a unique event and a driving force in the field of nautical industry, which with a new vision of sailing and navigation, paves way for new guidelines. With a positive and environmentally-oriented approach, many representatives of technological nautical innovations are combined at the fair. In these days, Monaco Energy Boat Challenge has been taking place, a unique international competition aimed at developing alternative energy solutions for the engines of the future. In addition to competition, emphasis is also placed on the dismantling and presentation of power-free assemblies without emissions and other essential components. Within five days of the presence at the heart of Riviera, e’dyn, which has increased visibility through its presence and introduced itself to a wide range of potential business partners, and used the meeting to conceptually upgrade the vision of modern-day navigation.


Monaco, the world capital of sailing


The highlight was a nautical conference, where experts in related areas were deepening into topics such as alternative clean energy, modern-day efficiency and a general debate on the latest guidelines and conclusions in the field of nautical industry.

The event was attended by 20 exhibitors from different countries and over 25 international universities, which are focused on the latest research on navigation with electric motors.

In 1953, the Yach Club Monaco was founded by Prince Rainier, and since 1984 it has ben preceded by Prince Albert II. The club has 2,500 members from 73 countries, and it boasts with the most prestigious yachts in the world. The Monaco Yacht Club occupies a unique place in the world of nautics.

By its statute and mission, the club serves as “a link between people who love the sea”. Monaco is a centre of nautical affairs and organises annually over 30 international nautical events promoting the Principality of Monaco, the world capital of sailing.


Yach Club Monaco


Mooring of technological innovations



The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is certainly a unique event for all nautical enthusiasts. The exhibition e’dyn also visited Prince Albert II himself, who looked closer to the electrical systems presented and had a chat with a nice e’dyn team. Apparently, the enthusiasm was mutual, because the Prince Albert II was happy to wear e’dyn sports cap on his head and he posed with e’dyn team in front of photographic lensis. No doubt e’dyn can record this event as a great success in its own visibility. Congratulations to the team that, with its positive approach and ingenuity, realised the best possible product placement.


Princ Albert II. and e’dyn team


Igor Pečnik and Princ Albert II. with a gifted e’dyn cap



Launching of new products on the market is quite a challenge, and e’dyn actively participates in the trade fairs all around Europe. The e’dyn brand can be traced at all major trade fairs where it is represented by electric drives.

The outstanding performance of e’dyn is recorded at a recent Venice trade fair, where the “Salone Nautica Venezia” has harvested quite a few laurels in different categories. It has been possible to see the products presented both on land and on water. In particular, the new Free Time series and the current favourite series e’dyn 1120 – which also allows up to 20% of the power upgrade with Hydro Impulse and thus improve its efficiency, increase reach and reduce battery consumption. All of the above, however could be tested on various vessels equipped with e’dyn drives to make sure of the quality and reliability of the e’dyn. e’dyn attended the competition on a recognised 3-day e-regatta, Venice 2021. The competition covers all important voyage elements: From slalom, to boat maneuverability, energy consumption, durability, reach and achievement of the maximum speed. e’dyn 5,2, powered by 1120, has achieved an absolute victory, which is counted among the major successes in the electrification of vessels on a global scale.


Sailing in silence, St. Mark square, Venice


e’dyn rexhibition space, Venice



In cooperation with the vessel manufacturers, e’dyn is constantly looking for new optimal solutions which try to meet the most diverse customer requirements. The unique characteristic of the e’dyn brand is that it was created with an important thought: It must be custom-made. It realizes that each individual has his unique desires, so e’dyn offers tailor-made solutions for everyone. Whether it is the visual aspect or an upgrade of the motor system on a new or existing vessel, e’dyn allows a final product which, according to user needs and wishes, is constantly seeking new optimal solutions for the vessel to be fully adjusted.

All e’dyn products are developed on the basis of a wide range of technical experience and tested in well-equipped laboratories which enable real-time updating and upgrading of final products. Excellent technical equipment allows products to develop faster and better. Similarly, e’dyn does not neglect its social responsibility, which is taken seriously and is focused on reducing carbon footprint, using recycled materials and maintaining clean water.


“The luxury that you can move almost unheard is the most beautiful experience of navigating a boat powered by electric power. The whole chapter in the literature of the shipbuilding industry is designed to reduce noise in the propulsion system. The electrical system with steady rotation has a low level of noise and vibration. Hence, navigation in silence is priceless.” 


e’dyn – custom made



e’dyn is a brand of the Podkrižnik family company, which has been developing, manufacturing and marketing intelligent drive systems for various fields and industries around the world for several decades. With its unstoppable vision, the company creates shifts in the production of drive technology in various industries and sectors. Under the navigation of the umbrella company and its global network of development partners and suppliers, e’dyn fulfills the wishes of all who are guided by the heart along the waterway.


e’dyn vessel in front of Podkrižnik d.o.o.


The abbreviation e’dyn is an abbreviation of “electric dynamic nautics” or electric propulsion systems, which are produced in the Upper Savinja Valley.

e’dyn was originally created as a research project. The first electrical product of the company was an e-bicycle engine. As the company sees the future in the electrification of water, the development of the brand e’dyn is on an active rise.



e’dyn, with its presentation and participation, continues at sea fairs in Cannes, at MEETS in Amsterdam, in Düsseldorf, Germany and at the Boat Tülln fair in Austria. All the nautical enthusiasts interested in the alternative voyage of e’dyn to their display rooms, where they will be able to convince themselves of quality and unique systems, which are certainly the coming winners of the new era of navigation. However, all potential business partners, as well as end-users, are invited to Podkrižnik d.o.o., where experts can consult the desired systems and test them.

The future of navigation is enthusiastically outlined, and with an e’dyn vision the impossible can be possible.


The future of sailing for nautical enthusiasts