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Interboot presenting numerous world premieres and trends in Friedrichshafen from September 17 to 25, 2022.

Sustainability has arrived in the boat-building industry: sleek boats with long-range electric motors and attachable solar-paneled kites are just a couple of the latest trends and innovations being presented at the 2022 Interboot. Taking place from September 17 to 25, 2022, the event features 348 exhibitors and represented companies showing every facet of the water sports industry in six halls, in an outdoor area, on the exhibition center lake, and on Lake Constance. The day before the fair, a selection of the latest novelties and world premieres was presented to the press. There is a lot to discover at this 61st edition of the international water sports exhibition in Friedrichshafen, including a daysailor highly anticipated in the sailing scene, an inflatable catamaran that doesn’t require a berth, an electric motor for standup paddleboards, and an adventure boat with a powerful electric motor.

The Interboot is more than just an exhibition to look at, which is a big advantage for exhibitors. They want to arouse people’s enthusiasm for water sports. The varied entertainment programme, organized with the help of the Interboot Sports Group, amongst others, comprises every year about 500 events to join in and cheer on. They make the fair visit a fascinating event for experienced water sports athletes, as well as for young or new groups of potential buyers. For the rest of the year they also stay active: With the Interboot on-site we attend events in the target countries and with the Interboot Card they have created a community which offers water sports enthusiasts benefits and experience value all year long.


The multiple winner boat e’dyn Kaiser is also presented at the venue


The Lake of Constance region is well-known for its beautiful landscape. About six million overnight stays this year prove how popular this travel destination is. Apart from the unique location of the international water sports exhibition, the Messe Friedrichshafen offers dedicated service and high comfort. It is easy to get familiar with its architecture and the compact area. A modern infrastructure and the inclusion of the Lake of Constance into the fair concept provide exhibition possibilities without comparison.

Scene of action

Take a test cruise on Lake Constance


Since Lake Constance is really a great destination for a short trip, we have found some interesting things for you, how you can brighten up your day!

Nicknamed the schwäbische Meer (Swabian Sea), Lake Constance – Central Europe’s third-largest lake – straddles three countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Formed by the Rhine Glacier during the last ice age and fed and drained by that same sprightly river today, this whopper of a lake measures 63km long by 14km wide and up to 250m deep. There is a certain novelty in the fact that this is the only place in the world where you can wake up in Germany, cycle across to Switzerland for lunch and make it to Austria in time for afternoon tea, strudel and snapshots of the Alps.

Taking in meadows and vineyards, orchards and wetlands, beaches and Alpine foothills, the lake’s landscapes are like a ‘greatest hits’ of European scenery. Culture? It’s all here, from baroque churches to Benedictine abbeys, Stone Age dwellings to Roman forts, and medieval castles to zeppelins.

Lake Constance Riviera


Do not overlook the main attractions in the area.

Mainau Gardens

Jutting out over the lake and bursting with flowers, the lusciously green islet of Mainau is a 45-hectare Mediterranean garden dreamed up by the Bernadotte family, relatives of the royal house of Sweden. The beautiful flower island of Mainau enchants everyone. Count Lennart Bernadotte dutifully made sure that a walk among the flower beds and admiring the beautiful floral sculptures is a feast for the eyes and a relief from everyday stress. Around two million visitors flock here every year to admire sparkly lake and mountain views from the baroque castle, and wander sequoia-shaded avenues and hothouses bristling with palms and orchids. Crowd-pullers include the Butterfly House, where hundreds of vivid butterflies flit amid the dewy foliage; an Italian Cascade integrating patterned flowers with waterfalls; and a petting zoo. Tulips and rhododendrons bloom in spring, hibiscus and roses in summer. Avoid weekends, when the gardens get crowded.

A blooming island in the middle of the lake


Zepellin Museum

Near the eastern end of Friedrichshafen’s lake-front promenade is the Zeppelin Museum, housed in the Bauhaus-style former Hafenbahnhof (harbour station), built in 1932. The centrepiece is a full-scale mock-up of a 33m section of the Hindenburg (LZ 129), the largest airship ever built, measuring an incredible 245m long and outfitted as luxuriously as an ocean liner. The hydrogen-filled craft tragically burst into flames, killing 36, while landing in New Jersey in 1937. A visit to the museum in Friedrichshafen is a “must see” for anyone who is fascinated by these mighty vessels. The museum provides an excellent overview of the “life” of these aerial giants, who in their heyday were thought to rule the skies forever. They developed larger and more powerful vessels that could transport more and more passengers. The zeppelins proved themselves especially well on long flights across the Atlantic. The area around Friedrichshafen is where these giants of the air were developed, and in 1900 the first successful flight took place here. Other exhibits provide technical and historical insights, including an original motor gondola from the famous Graf Zeppelin, which made 590 trips and travelled around the world in 21 days in 1929.

The Zepellin Museum


Münster Cathedral

Crowned by a filigreed spire and looking proudly back on 1000 years of history, the sandstone Münster was the church of the Diocese of Konstanz until 1821. Its interior is an architectural potpourri of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and baroque styles. Standouts include the 15th-century Schnegg, an ornate spiral staircase in the northern transept, to the left of which a door leads to the 1000-year-old crypt. From the crypt’s polychrome chapel, you enter the sublime Gothic cloister.On cloudless days, it’s worth ascending the tower for broad views over the city and the lake.

A mighty cathedral



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