A new laurel from Monaco!

The elite Monaco Energy Boat Challenge took place in Monaco between 2nd and 5th July. Founded by visionaries Prince Rainier and Prince Albert II, this prestigious meeting has evolved over the years into one of the most important events for maritime enthusiasts. They have created a legacy that seamlessly combines tradition with innovation, friendship with competition, and passion with excellence.


The imagination of the future boats begins in Monaco

Innovative boats in the Monaco marina


The nautical challenge is focused on innovation and sustainability. The participants presented newly discovered technologies, innovative materials and alternative propulsion systems that reduce the impact on the environment while maintaining nautical performance. This includes using solar energy, hydrogen, electricity and other renewable energy sources to power the boats. The challenge is to foster creative solutions that prioritize sustainability without compromising performance. The participants demonstrated their ideas with practical and feasible designs and prototypes. It is particularly important to emphasize the positive impact of these innovations on the maritime industry and the environment.


The e’dyn team was also part of the exciting competitions set against the stunning backdrop of the Monaco coast.

An unforgettable spectacle unfolded of passionate innovators competing for supremacy and pushing the limits of what is possible on the water.



Preparations before the competition


The competition was held in three different branches: Open Sea Class, Energy Class in Solar Class.
Our Croatian neighbors also competed in the Open Sea Class with the Adria Energy Boat Team and, in combination with their excellent boat and e’dyn 1120 engine, achieved an excellent 2nd place overall in the Championship Race category.


Congratulations to our neighbors for winning 2nd place


In the Open Sea Manoeuvrability Trial category, the e’dyn team with a VSR boat including 25 kW e’dyn engine and a 28 kW battery achieved an equally excellent 2nd place. This test required a great deal of precision and finesse in driving.



Awarding of prizes


An excellent e’dyn VSR boat


We sincerely congratulate for the excellent achieved results!

Of course, there was also the visit of Prince Albert II, who infused the e’dyn team with additional enthusiasm and confidence that they are on the best path with their excellent innovations, which of course they constantly prove with their exceptional results.


Prince Albert II. and the e’dyn team in a relaxed conversation


Prince Albert II. and the e’dyn team pose in front of the photograph



e’dyn weaving its network globally

Our presence at all nautical fairs, as well as various events, is noticeable.

With top products and an excellent team, we have already made many acquaintances and business collaborations.

Our high-quality, advanced and aesthetically perfect products impress many users around the world, – that’s why we invite you to visit us in September at the fair in Amsterdam!



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