The Venetian winner e’dyn presents himself at the Boot Düsseldorf fair

Boot Düsseldorf is an international fair of boats and water sports. The extensive exhibition space, which covers an area of ​​220.000 square meters, can be visited annually. Boot Düsseldorf is different from the rest of the coastal trade fair sites by its exclusively indoor exhibition spaces. Due to its extensive and varied offer, it is therefore one of the largest „indoor“ nautical fairs in the world.


Every visitor of the fair is informed about the latest trends, innovations, services, products of various fields such as: sailing, motor boats, superyachts, boat equipment, diving, water tourism, trendy sports, fishing, canoeing, etc.. That the experience even more pop, visitors can sail in the large pool, canoe on artificial rapids, dive in the diving tower and enjoy many activities related to water and water sports. The fair also includes workshops and thematic lectures, such as innovative fishing techniques or underwater photography, which ensures an unforgettable visit for the visitor.


Of course, such an attractive fair is not to be missed, which is why the Venetian winner e’dyn is also presenting itself.

For a brief refreshment of memory: e’dyn took part in a competition at the renowned Venetian “e-regatta”, where he took part in a three-day competition of boats equipped with electric drives. The competition covered all the important elements of sailing, from slalom, agility, energy consumption, endurance, range and reaching top speed. e’dyn 5.2 with 1120 drive achieved an absolute victory, which is one of the major successes in the field of electrification of vessels worldwide.


At the Boot Düsseldorf trade fair, you will be able to see a novelty – an improved engine from the Free Time collection, the new e’dyn 2035 outboard model, which has up to 25kW of power. It reaches zero emissions, has a low level of noise and vibration. It is simple in its structure. Compared to other competing engines, e’dyn’s favorite 2035 is extremely light.

Another novelty is the new color e’dyn display, which will be available in 2022.



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“The luxury of being able to sail completely silent is the most beautiful experience of sailing with an electric boat.”

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    Boot Düsseldorf

   22th – 30th january 2022



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