Prince Albert’s traditional visit in Monaco!

The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, an extraordinary and spectacular event is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Already a decade ago, the event visionarily connected the main players in the nautical industry to jointly build a responsible future for our planet, our oceans and future generations.

Ecological navigation and sustainability are key elements for realizing the ecological transition.

The traditional event was organized by the Monaco Yacht Club in cooperation with the Monaco Foundation of Prince Albert II. and the support of world-famous partners such as Credit Suisse, BMW, SBM Offshore, Oceanica Shipyard, Ferretti and many others.


Yacht Club Monaco



As a point of interest, a good century has passed since the first meetings of boats, which even then attracted the world’s industrialists to discover new propulsion innovations.

The Principality of Monaco thus already maintains a long tradition as a „technology laboratory in the capital of advanced sailing“.



Attractive Monaco Riviera


After the traditional parade in which all vessels participate, the competitors competed in the qualifiers for the following day’s competition: the Championship Race.

The Open Sea Challenge took place in three categories: Solar Class, Energy Class and Open Sea Class.

More than 50 teams took part in the competition, which tested themselves in qualifying runs and maneuvering.

Competitors in all three categories showed interesting strategies with which they scored as many points as possible and at the same time showed the performance of their boats.


e’dyn team


In the Solar Class, the Netherlands monopolized the first three places. Team Sunflare was in the lead, followed by Han Solarboat and Hogeschool Val Hall Larenstein.

In the Energy Class competition, where all teams have the same catamaran hull design and must design an efficient and durable propulsion system using alternative energies, the Italian Uniboat celebrated. Second place was also taken by the Italians in the UniGe Elettra team, followed by the Croatian Adria Energy Class Boat team.

In the Opean Sea Challenge class, the British dominated with certified boats, where Vita-Seadog, Vita-Seal and RS Electric Boats celebrated their victory with excellent maneuvering.

In the non-certified group, the TU Delft Hydro Motion group from the Netherlands won, beating the Italians from the Ferretti group.

The e’dyn team took fifth place in the Open Sea Challenge class.



Congratulations e’dyn team for good results!


Traditionally, the e’dyn team was once again greeted by Prince Albert II. We have quite a few photos in our archive where Prince Albert II. and Igor chat like old friends.

Who knows, maybe Prince Albert II. will someday visit our company? In any case, the e’dyn team is always honored by such a special visit, and the Prince Albert II. himself was once again happy to pose in front of the photographer.


e’dyn team and Princ Albert II. 


Every visit to Monaco is really something special.

The e’dyn team will definitely take part in this inspiring event again next year, so all nautical enthusiasts are already invited!




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