e’dyn in tv show Volan

This week, e’dyn also appeared on Kanal A’s tv show Volan.

The Volan tv show has visited the company Podkrižnik d.o.o. a year ago, when e’dyn was still in its infancy. At that time, they saw the production of electric bicycle motors and were quite enthusiastic about the prototypes of e’dyn products. Even then, the leader remarked that the test ride with the Kaiser boat and the e’dyn 1120 engine will be absolutely necessary in the near future.


This time the filming did not take place in the company, but in one of the most attractive sea locations: in Venice!

Silent driving through the Venetian canals is definitely an unforgettable experience and judging by the enthusiasm, e’dyn really proved itself again.


You can see more at the link below:


»e’dyn offers different electric propulsion systems for boats in several versions and with different power, and we also tried one in Venice. It offers a battery pack that absorbs 8.1 kWh of electricity, so you can drive through the canals in Venice for about 5 hours.«


You can check out last year’s visit to the company at the link below, which is combined with events from Venice:


“The luxury of being able to sail completely silent is the most beautiful experience of sailing with an electric boat.”