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e’dyn 04 08 Outboard

Product description

This is our lightest motor, which is suitable for small boats. The outboard motor excels in quiet and smooth working. Based on its properties, the motor is perfect for fishing trips, exciting getaways and escapes into nature. It is suitable for them because of the reliability, quiet running and easy usage.

Quiet and reliable motor.

Immediately available torque.

Low weight of the motor.

Range up to 35 km.

Simple usage.

Including LCD monochrome 128×64 display.

Output shaft enables the usage of a standard propeller.

Rated voltage30 V
Rated power4,3 kW
RPM on output shaft1400 RPM
System efficiency85 %
Nominal current consumption (peak)200 A
Weight38 kg (with the carrier)
Dimensions116 x 472 x 1130 mm (with 900 mm hose)
Propeler shaftStandard
Suitable bateriesLi-Ion or Lead acid