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Main battery charger MASTER 500-10000 (500V/20A)

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Product description

Power battery charger

Very high efficiency up to 96%

Compact design

Programmable for lithium batteries

Fully automatic operation

Galvanic isolation of input and output

Simple to use and programme

High precision

Low noise due to speed controlled fan

Parallel connection of up to 6 units possible for faster charging

Control unit with graphical display can be used for programming and monitoring

Max. output voltage510 V
Min. output voltage200 V
Max. output current20 A
Peak input currentmax. 16 A (limited)
Input voltage3 x 400 VAC ± 15 % 45-65 Hz
Efficiencyup to 96%
Output powermax. 10000 W
Power factor>0.99 at 50% load or more
Dimensions (LxWxH)491 x 270 x 90 mm
Weight11.6 kg