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Battery charger

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Product description

Compact programmable battery charger

Freely programmable for various Lead-acid, NiCd(*), NiMH(*) and lithium batteries

Fully automatic operation

Completely programmable

Up to five charging phases

Simple to use and programme

Battery monitor and Ah counter

High precision


Battery status LED indicators

Compact size

Battery temperature compensation

Nominal battery voltage12 V / 24 V
Min. output voltage2 V / 4 V
Max. output voltage17 V / 34 V
Nominal output current8 A / 4 A
Peak input current1.1 A
Input voltage230 V -15%/+10% 50-60 Hz
Weight1.3 kg / 1.8 kg (sealed)
IP ratingIP44 / IP66 (sealed)
Dimensions (L x W x H)110 x 156 x 60 mm
Recommended ambient temperature rangefrom -25°C to 35°C